// EMOG — live in the studio — new sounds ‘n’ talk //

Originally broadcast on December 17th 2016 on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, Canada.

In this episode, Vancouver producer EMOG joins us live in the studio for a chat. He shares music from his new album 11:11, and give us an exclusive sneak-preview of two tracks scheduled for release in early 2017.

Track listing:

EMOG – The Emperor
EMOG – The Empress
EMOG – The Sun
EMOG – The Hermit
EMOG – Strength
EMOG – Solarium
EMOG – The Chariot
EMOG – Access Code

Background tracks:

Sinepearl – Through Water She Spoke

// iridescent fathoms //

Originally broadcast on 19/11/2016 on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, Canada.

An improvised mix of electronic and acoustic nu-gaia vibrations – eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song – soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Music / recordings featured in this episode:

Adham Shaikh – Newday (The Log(M) Newdawn Remix)
KMLN – Sabilu feat. Mian
Oceanvs Orientalis – Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix)
Zen Baboon – Full Moon
Yunomi – Starstream
Thornato – Koz Kazah (feat. KarenBE)
Nicola Cruz – Stereo Reciver
Dandara & Arutani – Ekuqaleni (feat. Domi Wagner)
Desert Dwellers – Saraswati’s Twerkaba
Daniel Haarksman & Tshila – Kaggua (Izem Remix)
Ishq – Leaf
Freeworm – Steeps