Organic. Electronic. Nu Gaia.

In the beginning there were low-lit 3am FM radio broadcasts with tape loops, turntables, poorly mic’d hand percussion, copious analogue delay, and numerous talented dj’s + other guests, many of whom have long since gone on to earn great due repute worldwide. This was 1992.

Through multiple incarnations of shows, many of which were situated on the crystalline frequencies of the ever-pertinent bastion of soundness, CiTR 101.9fm, the evolution of this perpetually evolving channel currently manifests and maintains as Mantra Radio.

There is _an_ unfolding, not cliche at all actually, and one way it’s known, lived, and celebrated is through the subtle language of sound vibration. There is a coming together around this, an expansion of the vocabulary, a sharing of experiences, a higher connection. Lineages great and small can be traced of the beings who have contributed to this beautiful conversation. Mantra Radio, and it’s preceding forms, were and are interested in supporting such transmissions and the people who sculpt them.

As the binaries of organic and technospheric, spirit and soil, converge and dissipate, we are engaged in soundtracking this continuously new’ing paradigm. We sometimes use the term nu-gaia to capture this concept. We invite you to share in the benevolent static. A shifting sum of sculpted vibrations formed by the minds of many gifted composers, appositely curated and hosted by Raghunath Khe.

Mantra Radio airs live from the studios of CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, Canada.

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Raghunath Khe

Raghunath Khe

Raghunath Khe has been an intrinsic part of the evolving conscious / fringe dance culture for more than 25 years. An innovative composer, producer, and dj, they are interested in the transformational properties of music, movement, bhajan, and community. They have previously released three albums under the moniker Haitchc, have composed multiple original film scores, and are currently working on material for their fourth album.

Raghunath is a formal brahmana initiate within the brahma-madhva-gaudiya sampradaya (lineage), having spent several uninterrupted years as a monk studying and serving in temples both in Canada and India. They belong to the sodalities of bhakti, tantra, and ashtanga, and through familial succession, draoidh healing practice.

Regularly performing, teaching, and orchestrating events, they are affiliated with Full Moon Medicine, Back Beyond Productions, and Intention Gathering, and are a co-resident dj and organizer at Vancouver’s long-running Just Dance night. In addition, Raghunath contributes musically and otherwise to various festivals and gatherings locally and internationally.

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