Mantra Radio – April 4th 2013

      Mantra Radio - April 4th 2013

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, and chants.

The first track of this episode is a chant to Shiva or Nataraja, a name meaning the “lord or king of dance”. In parts of the Vedic literatures it is described that Shiva performs his Tandava dance, and in doing so dissolves the entire cosmic creation, making way for a new instance of the same to come into being. The vocals are sung by Nicolle Jensen, and the track is produced by the Desert Dwellers, released on an album entitled Muladhara Yoga Dub.

We hear next from MC Yogi from his recent release entitled Pilgrimage. This dubbed-out gem is called Temple Light and kicks off with these thoughtful words – “Temple light shining on the altar made of earth .. feel the one light shine across the universe”…

The second set starts with a song by Luis Camino and his Abya Yala project containing sanskrit poetry written by the great 16th century saint, Tulsidas. The words come from a book entitled Ramcharitamanas, sometimes referred to as Tulsi’s Ramayana. This book reveals details of the life of the avatar Rama and his feminine counterpart Sita. Next we hear Avari, with a song from the first Bloom Series soundtrack, entitled Of The Heavens, followed by another beautiful piece from the album Medicine Melodies, by Silvia Nakkach and Christopher Eickmann. The song is called Sri Narayani Amma, and features the chant “Sri Amma Namo’stu’te”. The word Amma refers to the Divine Mother, and Namo’stu’te is an offering of respect and love, opening oneself to receive blessings and divine guidance.

More chants to the Goddess follow, this time as Ma Durga, with a track entitled Sri Durga Stotram. This is sung by Tritha Sinha and comes from a release entitled Chitraanjali. The middle set of the show is capped-off with the Mayapuris and a reflective piece entitled Gopinath, which also features the instrumental talents of Shantala’s Benji Wertheimer. The song contains words written in the 16th century by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and expresses the feelings of total surrender in love to the Supreme, as demonstrated by Krishna’s one true love Radharani.

The show ends with the poetry and beats of Chances R Good from his release entitled Boomerangs, with a song called Who Am I? – a flow all about spotting and dissolving that pesky false ego. “Who is the question, Am is the Essence, I is the witness, abide with total presence” …

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