Mantra Radio – April 11th 2013

      Mantra Radio - April 11th 2013

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, and chants.

We kick things off in this episode with a beautiful track by Bachan Kaur entitled We All Want Love, a collaboration with producer and yogi Mahan Kalpa Singh which features the kundalini chant “Ra Ma Da Sa Sat Say So Hung”. In the notes for the release MADA Love, from which this song is from, we find the words “.. each song springs forth from the deep spiritual experience of the soul journey here on earth and the authentic longing for truth and love.”

From the classic 1972 release Ah by Bhagavan Das comes the track Radhe, a deeply meditational piece with voice, ektara, and simple percussive sounds. He sings the words “Radhe .. Bolo .. Radhe Govinda”, chants to the divine couple Radha and Krishna. Following in the same thread School of Braja perform the hypnotic Supreme Goddess Meditations from their self-titled release. A track produced by electronic music producer and DJ, Mark Pritchard.

Next is a short piece entitled Nana Maia, or Lullaby to Illusion, from Silvia Nakkach and Christopher Eickmann, followed by a similarly short recording named Pranam (Prayer) from MC Yogi’s Pilgrimage album. We hear then from Mother Medicine with chants associated with the goddess Lalita-Tripurasundari, or Goddess of the Three Cities. This is sung by Kathryn Green to the accompaniment of Gabriel Logan Braun on Didgeridoo, and comes from a self-titled release. The set is capped-off by Mahasukha with the Buddhist chant “Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum” from his release Longing. The track is entitled Padmasambhava Mantra II and is a meditation on Guru Rinpoche, sometimes referred to as the second Buddha.

The show ends with a combination of hang drum by Masood Ali Khan, flute by Steve Gorn, and the Maha-Mantra chanted by Kayamani Devi. The song comes from the Yoga Sessions release entitled Hang with Angels.

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