Mantra Radio – May 17th 2014

      Mantra Radio - May 17th 2014

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, chants and medicine song.

Songs featured in this episode:

Vibrasphere – Heading North
Darpan & Bhakta – Moonlight
Connect.Ohm – Time to Time by Time
Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales – Icaro to Connect With the Earth, Sky and Water Spirits
Eukarya – Reaching for Light
Tha Cat’s Pajamas (ft. Subaqueous) – Rumble in the Jungle
Bob Holroyd – Rafiki (Rise Ashen Future-Tribal Mix)
Darpan & Bhakta – Vine of the Soul
Kalpitaru Tree – Of the River
Coil – Windowpane

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