Mantra Radio – February 1st 2014

      Mantra Radio - February 1st 2014

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, and chants.

Songs featured in this episode:

Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Pyramid Lake Remix)
Tito la Rosa – A Song to be Born With
Shine – Jungle Speak
Sheila Chandra – Speaking in Tongues II
Mashimon – Maltitox (feat Evan Fraser)
Deya Dova – Twinkle (Desert Dwellers Outback Remix)
Phaeleh – Whistling in the Dark
Ishq – Skyline
Raghunath Ritch – Keda Chant (part two)
Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales – Icaro of a Shaman in Spirit Form
Haitchc – Kermit Soother
Am’ganesha’n – Om
Bombay Dub Orchestra – Monsoon Malabar (Dub Remix)
Shine – Didjin the Middle East

Alternate MP3 Link – Mantra Radio – February 1st 2014.mp3