// fi.lvucian flights //

Originally broadcast on 2018/04/21 on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, Canada.

An improvised mix of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations – eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song – soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Featuring tracks from these talented composers, musicians, and producers:

Adham Shaikh – Blossom Part 4
Tomanka – Lithodora
Bibio – Petals (AVEM cover)
Subaqueous – Shatter Spell
Biralo – Across Your Dream
Grouch – Sarva Dharma
Beatfarmer – In The Mist
Rafael Aragon – Azizi
Ryan Murgatroyd – iKalimba (Armonica Remix)
Daniel Rateuke – Marimbo
Joselyn Pratt – Tropical Rain
Emile Ubai – Distant Voices

Artwork: -lazy.palette.snooze-by-raghunath.khe-/-2018-