// twinkley doodads //

Originally broadcast on 2019/04/13 on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver, Canada.

An improvised mix of organic electronic nu-gaia vibrations – eclectic beats, lush layers, and medicine song – soundtracking the convergence of spirit and the techno-sphere.

Featuring tracks from these talented composers, musicians, and producers:

Log(M) & Laraaji – Spiral ActIVator
Carrot Green & Selvagem – Ossain
Pablo Fierro – Timanfaya
Tube & Berger – Fetzen (Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby Remix)
Bonobo – Ibrik
Ahmed Ag Kaedy – Temet
Constance Demby – Absolution
Jessica Moss – Fractals (Truth 1)
Suzanne Ciani – Sound of Wetness
Northumbria – Ostara’s Return
Mackenzie – Roghainn (Waulking Songs & Rowing Song)
Armonica – Ayo feat. Mabiisi (David Mayer Remix)
Branko – Bleza
Ninosindigo – Ambrosia
Zen Baboon – Agora (Live Edit)

Artwork: -moleculinaryanked-by-raghunath.khe-/-2019-