Mantra Radio – November 22nd 2012

      Mantra Radio - November 22th 2012

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, and chants.

Drawing our ‘Month of Kartik’ thread to a close, this weeks show kicks of with a traditional Gaudiya Vaishnava rendition of Damodarastakam, or eight verses dedicated to the toddler form of Krishna known as Damodar. This was recorded and produced by Russian producer, DJ, and bhakti-yogi, Huron, from his release entitled Gaudiya Gitanjali. This is followed by a brief explanation of the last verse and of the overall sentiments of the song.

Beginning the next set is a sweet and soulful track by UK-based Mahasukha, which contains Buddhist chants directed to bodhisattva Manjughosha, the buddha of wisdom and eloquence, among other things.

Next up, Peia extends her beautiful and hypnotic voice with a song called Maachi Ma, maachi meaning ‘full moon’ in the Aztec language. Perhaps a lullaby for the moon goddess, Coyolxauhqui, or of the earth mother, Toci. She tells a short story at the beginning of the recording. This is a live track recorded at Seven Seeds which also features Sara Tone.

Taking us across the Caribbean ocean with some eastern flavoured Rastafari rhythm, Sound Ambassador, DJ Drez, brings us together as One with the track Chakra from his release Nyabinghi Anahata Yoga. The closing words of the track ask us to coat our vision with pure love, “The mind can only see clearly through the heart chakra“.

Making their debut on Mantra Radio, but no newcomer by any means, is Niyaz (a Persian or Urdu word for ‘yearning’). Well-known for blending Middle Eastern music styles and languages with modern arrangements, instruments and technology, they end the middle set of the show with the powerful and hankering track Ishq – Love and the Veil from the release Nine Heavens.

Closing off the show is a beautiful ballad by duet Mirabai Ceiba entitled Burn of the Heart, which appears on their latest album, Between the Shores of our Souls. This is based on a composition by the devotional poet, Rumi.

Alternate MP3 Link – Mantra Radio – Nov 22nd 2012.mp3