Mantra Radio – January 10th 2013

      Mantra Radio - January 10th 2013

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, and chants.

To begin .. “Jaya Radhe, Jaya Shri Radhe”. Sadhu Nada calls out to the Divine Goddess, Radha, and her counterpart, Krishna, in this gypsy-style rendition of Radhika Stava. This is coming from an album entitled Bom Bom Bolo released in 2012. Moving the focus to Govinda, another name for Krishna, Norwegian singer-songwriter Malin Pettersen shares her beautiful vocal talents with the chant Govinda Jaya Jaya. The word Jaya being a sanskrit form of offering praise.

Two Buddhist chants start off the next set. First we connect with Green Tara via the mantra Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Svaha. This is a soulful offering to the Goddess of compassion (among other things) by Brighton’s Mahasukha. Next up Deva Premal teams up with the Gyuto monks of Tibet for a beautiful, stirring recitation of the well-known Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

Yann Corah performs some diaphonic chanting, bringing us into an uttering of opening chants for astanga yoga practice, a system compiled and presented by the great sage Patanjali. This is performed by Pranidhi Varshney from her album entitled Mantra Project. DJ Drez aka Sound Ambassador is next with a track from the release Nyabinghi Anahata Yoga, entitled Om Nya. Capping off this set is Trevor Hall (aka Ramapriya das) with a flow about the avatar Rama and his divine play, or lila. The track, simply entitled Raja, also contains the chant “Sita Rama”, addressing Goddess Sita, Rama’s wife and counterpart.

The show ends with a punchy track entitled Jagannath. This is brought to us by Italian-born monk-turned-electronic producer and performer, Balarama das, aka Mantratronic. The song includes the sanksrit words “Jagannatha Swami Nayana Patha Gami Bhavatu Me” – May my meditation upon that Supreme form (of Jagannath) be unbroken.

Alternate MP3 Link – Mantra Radio – Jan 10th 2013.mp3