Mantra Radio – May 2nd 2015

An eclectic mix of beats, layers, chants and medicine song.

Songs featured in this episode:

Aural Planet – Radiowaves
Master Minded – Fire (Ceremony feat. Anukai Arun)
Master Minded – Fire (Flaming Hearts)
Subaqueous – Insistent Shades (feat. Kalpataru Tree)
Master Margherita – Sei Otto (Hibernation remix)
Ravi Shankar – Partition
The Peaking Goddess Collective – Star Peace
Spoken Bird – Path of Least Resistance
Desert Dwellers – View from Laniakea
Merkaba – Pure Cosmic Energy
Another Fine Day – Dusty Feet
Lulacruza – El Centro (feat. Frente Cumbiero)

Alternate MP3 LinkMantra Radio – May 2nd 2015.mp3